Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bill's: a blog before bedtime.

How quickly can someone write a blog before hitting the sack? I've just returned from a screening of the new computer animated movie from DreamWorks, 'The Croods', but, before heading to the performance, myself and Bryan (the friend I went to see it with) decided to find somewhere to eat. A swift bit of online research by Bryan came up with a place called 'Bill's', a nice little restaurant situated in Saint Martin's Courtyard, off Long Acre, Covent Garden and a place I soon realised I was already aware of but had never ventured into - until now. I was impressed enough to give them a bit of a mention via the ol' blog ...

Bill's has a warm and friendly vibe about it and we were welcomed as we entered and seated very promptly. The table we were placed at was near the main door and I expected the freezing cold air outside to filter in (as it usually does whenever I'm placed so near to an entrance) and penetrate my already cold limbs (the office air-con at work having chilled me to the bone through much of the day) but I was greatly relieved that Bill's generous heating system was more than up to the job of keeping me warm - first brownie point!

The interior had a bit of a rustic quality about it, with shelves of foodstuffs lining the walls, farmhouse style wooden tables and terracotta type flooring, contrasted with the more modern ventilator shaft themed ceiling space. A kitchen area was visible at the back of the restaurant.

The menu we chose from was the lunch and dinner, one of a selection: Bill's also do a breakfast menu, specials menu and a tea time and drinks menu (as well as a main drinks menu), offering a choice of comforting favourites from a classic fry-up, to french toast, Bill's beer battered haddock (which was my eventual choice), Bill's fish pie, cornish monkfish stew with warm sourdough bread and eggs benedict, to name just a few of the tempting treats. That of course does not include the cakes, puddings etc, etc ... the list goes on. This is good old comfort food done posh.

Of further interest, it was only as we were leaving to go and see the film that we realised (despite having seen a staircase as we entered earlier) there was a whole floor above us serving more customers, probably twice as big (or more) than the area downstairs! So I think a return visit might be in order at some point. To top it off, there is also a store, where you can purchase Bill's own brand products, including jams, chutneys, pickles, balsamic vinegar and cooking oils.

And as the light was failing outside, so the tables were lit up with candles, adding an even more welcoming ambience. But we were leaving at that point to make our way to the cinema. 

There. I did it. Now I can head to bed and post this in the morning. Oh, and in case you were wondering, The Croods was pretty good too!

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  1. Yeah, it was a good evening all round - decent food, funny film and then one for the road. :-)

    To expand on The Croods a little, it was colourful, funny and offered some rather interesting takes on the invention of certain things...