Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I recently took part in a charity rowing challenge as one of a team of six. The aim was to row 8.5 miles down the river Thames from Westminster to Deptford. Not only did we manage to complete the challenge, we came third out of seven, only six minutes behind the leaders, so we were rather pleased!

Alongside the challenge itself, individual team members organised other activities to raise additional funds for the charity we were rowing on behalf of, the Ahoy Centre, who work with disadvantaged and disabled youngsters. A charity disco, guided walks (one of the team is a London tour guide) and, my own contribution, a couple of guided pub history walks. All went very successfully and have added to the overall total.

I had mentioned my pub walks and the charity row to a London artist friend, Marc Gooderham. Marc’s work is outstanding (as his website testifies) and I was blown away when he just casually offered to donate one of his original London themed works to raise even more money for Ahoy. The image shows St Bride’s Church, off Fleet Street, the current church having been in this location since 1675:

After some deliberation, it was decided we would raffle (rather than auction) this piece, to give as many people as possible a chance of owning it. Not only has Marc donated the artwork, he has also gone to the trouble of mounting it behind glass and tastefully framed it as well. All the winner will have to do therefore is simply hang it on their wall!

Also, ticket prices are affordable, in keeping with giving as many people as possible the chance to win - £2 per ticket, with no minimum purchase requirement (so if you want to buy just one that’s up to you!). Here are the two ways you can obtain tickets:

1) For those who know me on Twitter and are London based, I can meet you to hand over any tickets purchased.

2) For everyone else, please visit the Ahoy Charity Rowing Challenge charity page here and do the following:

·       Make your donation in accordance with your ticket requirements (for example, if you’d like to purchase 3 tickets, pay £6; for 5 tickets, pay £10 etc)
·       Enter your details, including your name and Twitter handle. Alternatively, DM me directly on Twitter and leave contact details there, informing me you’ve donated and the number of tickets you’ve purchased. If you win, I will then contact you via Twitter to take further details and arrange the handover/delivery of the artwork.

The cut-off date for ticket purchases will be Friday 30 September, so don’t delay or you’ll lose out on the chance of owning this excellent piece of artwork. 100% of all ticket purchase income will be going to the charity. You will be helping a very worthy cause. For more information about the work Ahoy do, please check out their website.

And that’s it! Now, it’s over to you. For those that decide to take part, I wish you every success. Good luck and thank you!

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