Monday, 11 February 2013

Joint birthday drinks at The Craft Beer Co.

It was a double birthday celebration last Friday (8 February) as work mates Rick and Stephen invited myself and many other friends to their joint birthday bash at The Craft Beer Co, in Leather Lane. This relatively 'new' establishment, only at this location since July 2011, serves a great range of beers, some exclusive to these shores. Amongst the offerings I sampled was a very decent US style porter called Dark Knights and I was particularly enthused to discover they had a good selection of bottled beers from The Kernel brewery, a favourite of mine, who produce a wonderful pale ale and Indian porter. The bar staff were very helpful in recommending the various beers available. And, although I didn't indulge that night (but have in the past), they also do a mean pork pie and scotch egg!

A third person was also meant to be celebrating her birthday with the guys tonight, but sadly had fallen ill. Rick told me she was on the road to recovery though, which was good to hear. The evening overall went well (bar an inconsiderate group of people attempting to occupy 'reserved' tables without asking anyone, throwing our coats into heaps), with a good number turning out to wish both guys many happy returns, including a number of old faces (ex-work colleagues). And for Rick, although he may not want to be reminded, it was a 'milestone' birthday. I've had one or two of those myself. Unfortunately. But Rick still holds up well. I of course am beyond all hope.

They're a couple of decent blokes, good mates, and it's always great to hang out with them. Which one will have the biggest post-weekend hangover today I wonder? Was it a bacon sarnie on the way to work guys?

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