Saturday, 2 February 2013

"What is a blog?"

I asked the above question recently when a friend jokingly suggested I start my own one. For the last 12-13 months I've been posting lots of activity to my Facebook profile. I'm very socially active and, over the aforementioned period, have been experiencing London life like never before. A new lease of life you might say.

Born and bred in the capital, but not really taking advantage of all that it has to offer - until recently. Well, that's the basis for starting this blog. For anyone following my progress, feel free to chip in and comment. I would very much welcome suggestions about new things I may not have come across before. Or why not follow my example and get yourself out into this amazing capital city? There is lots to do and see, but it does require a bit of effort in terms of researching what's actually out there. 

I hope you'll get involved and share the experience. And no doubt I will also occasionally throw in the odd viewpoint about the many different aspects of life that one comes across, in the news, media and elsewhere. On which note, I do want to make clear, right from the outset, any such views will be purely my own. 

Well, that's the boring bit done - my journey continues apace. Or next week, to be more precise . . . Now, let's see if I can get the hang of this blogging lark . . .


  1. Could this be the start of a new addiction? Let's hope so! Paul, why not use your second post to give people an idea of the things you've done this past year so they know what sorta stuff to look forward to in your future posts?

  2. I agree with Bryan. I think it would be a good place to perhaps provide a summary of your exciting 2012 adventures! :)